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Part of my research is based on the attempt of making works that could be described in few words.

The other part of my research tries to explain how to make them. But it’s impossibile to describe it in few words.






Untitled is a performance thought specifically for the LiveWorks Performance Act Award at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.

The work consists of using the production budget to pay a lawyer who will illustrate to the members of the jury and to the

audience the reasons why the performance should win.

 watch an extract of the performance


Naysayer (working with the negatives)



Naysayer (working with the negatives) is a project that explores a certain way of making art and creative artifacts.

The website hosts a series of projects and works made through a negative approach or with a creative process that highlight

the absence of something. The website is composed by two pages. Both can be read only by selecting the whole text and

they are one the negative copy of the other. While in the black page the words connected to the concepts of absence and

nothingness are the only visible, in the white page those are hidden.

 visit the website