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Part of my research is based on the attempt of making works that could be described in few words.

The other part of my research tries to explain how to make them. But it’s impossibile to describe it in few words.



35 Alternate Covers to this Book

book + performance

in collaboration with Friends Make Books


35 Alternate Covers to This Book is a collection of 35 different covers to the same book.

During the vernissage of Making Sense, an exhibition held at Palazzo Pretorio in Cittadella I presented the book for 35

times, everytime displaying a new cover in a different way, with different clothes and different words.





Untitled is a performance thought specifically for the LiveWorks Performance Act Award at Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.

The work consists of using the production budget to pay a lawyer who will illustrate to the members of the jury and to the

audience the reasons why the performance should win.

 watch an extract of the performance


Ball Don't Lie

video (05:27)


Ball Don't Lie is the representation of a contemporary oracle. Questions about the the future are made. Ball answers to them.


Jeg Er Enorme Jævler

video (90:00) / performance


Jeg Er Enorme Jævler is a 90 minute movie in two parts and a performance. The piece is an ambitious collage of found

online footage and images, and the artist dancing and lip-syncing pop songs.

watch the movie





Zoo is composed by a collection of products that feature animals' brand. Three red bulls, four camels, one grey goose,

four pelikans, one puma, seven lions.


If Art Were To Disappear Tomorrow What Stories Would We Tell Our Kids?

book (published by Link Editions)


in collaboration with Giovanna Manzotti

If Art Were To Disappear Tomorrow What Stories Would We Tell Our Kids? is a project that aims to create an archive of

tweet-structured texts capable of describing contemporary artworks.

This project came about with the idea of ordering a huge amount of works that share the common feature of being very

simple yet very meaningful. We have tried to condense the shapeless mass of images and information of contemporary

artworks present in our computers and on the web, into a simple, functional and structured system, in which the complexity

of the art-world is partially compressed into the brevity of one tweet. The result can be described as an uncanny collection

of contemporary fairy tales. First developed as a Twitter-based performance comprising hundreds of tweets, the project has

been now translated in book form, including 94 tweets organized into a single story.

download the book


My Lovin Joint

solo show


My Lovin Joint is a solo show set up in the house of a friend. In a room I re-made and put in connection three existing

works, Untitled (Perfect Lovers) (1991) by Felix Gonzales Torres, Constellation (2009) by Chun Yun and Work No. 227

The Lights Go On And Off

(2000) by Martin Creed. This latter regulated the vision of the other two works (when

the light is off you can see Constellation, when is on you can see Untitled (Perfect Lovers)), while the two clocks timed the

five seconds useful to make Work No. 227: The lights going on and off clear.

Famous Prince songs were the soundtrack of the show.

watch the documentation (1)

watch the documentation (2)

My Lovin Joint, documentation, private apartment, Milan, 2014


The Importance Of Being Context


2014 - ongoing

in collaboration with Valeria Mancinelli

The Importance of Being Context is an online archive that collects a series of well known art performances, mainly from

the 60’s and the 70’s. In the archive, video documentation of works by Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, Bruce Nauman

and the like is replaced by YouTube videos in which different individuals per- form actions unwittingly similar to those in

the original performance in question.

The archive has been shown at Link Cabinet ( documentation) and at the moment it's offline. You can check some

performances at the following links:

Bruce Nauman, Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhytms, (1967)

Marina Abramovic, Freeing the Body, (1976)

Bas Jan Ader, Fall 1, (1977)

The Importance Of Being Context, archive, Link Cabinet, 2014

Bruce Nauman, Bouncing Two Balls Between the Floor and Ceiling with Changing Rhythms, 1968



solo show


cukicuki is a solo show consisting of an installation of more than three hundred ice-tea cans and the projection of a video performance,

realized in the spaces of the gallery.

read the interview

cukicuki, installation view, Room Gallery, Milan, 2014


April's Fool

customized website


in collaboration with quattrolinee

In occasion of April’s Fool Viafarini’s website has been modified for one day. All the graphic structures have been

brought back to 2001, while the contents rest the same of 2014.

visit the website

April's Fool, customized website, 2014



video (30:00)


Useless is composed by a series of useless action, something between playing a game and performing a performance.

Useless, video, 2013


Poetry Is What Gets Lost In Translation

audio archive

2013 - ongoing

The work consists of an audio file in which the sentence “Poetry is what gets lost in translation” is read and translated,

through Google translator, into different languages.

The languages chosen are the official languages of the countries that are on the same parallel of the city in which the work

is displayed. The sentence makes a dizzying tour of the world from country to country.

listen to the audio (Milan)

listen to the audio (Marrakech)

listen to the audio (Moscow)

Poetry is What Gets Lost in Translation (الشعر هو ما يضيع في الترجمة)(Marrakech), 2013



clothing brand

2013 - ongoing

in collaboration with Enrico Boccioletti

™®√€ is a clothing brand that mixes the art-world with famous trademarks.

™®√€ (Louis Vitone), Viafarini, 2014





sibi is an instructions generator useful to make potential artworks. It can generate more than 50 billions sets of instructions.

The software is used as a creative tool during workshops in collaboration with Universities, museums and art spaces.

play sibi

visit the website

watch people testing the software (1)

watch people testing the software (2)

watch people testing the software (3)

sibi 2.0, software, coded by trattopunto, 2012


Per Te (4U)

video / performance


Per Te (4U) is the narration of a love story. The falling in love, the passion, the sex, the break up are all revisited through

Prince's songs' lyrics. The work consists of a video and of a lip-synched performance.

watch the video

Per Te (4U), performance, Accademia Albertina, 2012





Lipogam is a lesson about how limits often could help the inventiveness and imagination of us all; about how limits

galvanize, motivate and push us and how they could be seen as a stimulus, as an incentive.

The entire lecture has been conducted without using the letter R. The entire audience did not know about the limitation.

The lecture has been conducted both in Italian, at the IUAV in Venice, and in English, at the Politecnico di Milano and at

Mediterranea 16. The "r" is the only letter I can't spell.

Lipogam, performance, IUAV / Politecnico di Milano, 2012





Otto (italian for eight) is a work about palindromes.

The installation consists of eight (otto) objects (two series of four): a wing (ala), an anona, a gold nugget (oro), a bone

(osso) and symmetrically another bone, another gold nugget, an anona and a wing. The words that describe these objects in

Italian are palindromes, as it is their disposition in the space.

Otto, installation, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, 2010


Syria è veramente una cantante di merda



For three months I did not say anything bad about anybody. After these 3 months I displayed all the things that I did not

say, but that I wrote down.

02.10.2009 15:25
Syria è veramente una cantante di merda.
02.10.2009 18:10
Si, l’Abramovic è diventata veramente una balena.
03.10.2009 13:28
Guarda, la sua ragazza è proprio un cesso.
04.10.2009 13:07
Quella bionda stronzetta avrà sicuramente qualcosa da dire.
04.10.2009 23:15
Sta padrona di casa è una deficiente.
Non passa mai.
05.10.2009 00:00
Bossi è veramente un coglione.
05.10.2009 09:14
Un po’ arrogantella questa, no?
05.10.2009 13:35
La tipa al bar era troppo scortese.
05.10.2009 13:41
Anche la Pausini è diventata una balena.
05.10.2009 15:26
Quelli dell’agenzia sono veramente dei bastardi.
05.10.2009 16:51
Ė noiosa questa, non riesco a seguirla.
05.10.2009 18:55
Sarà sicuramente un deficiente il suo tipo.
06.10.2009 13:42
Ma si può tirare una testata in una finale dei mondiali?
Devi essere scemo.
06.10.2009 20:53
Secondo me è brutta forte.
07.10.2009 02:34
Guarda che charleston ha i gamboni.
07.10.2009 21:52
Comunque sono un po’ dei ladri.
Potevano offrire da bere.
08.10.2009 00:40
Sono veramente maleducate. Dovevano venire a salutare.
09.10.2009 12:13
Sono un po’ moscette.
09.10.2009 13:23
Non sono andato a lezione per vedere quelle sceme.